Super easy stakingin Dash mobile wallet


Use the Dash mobile wallet for staking

Using our API, the great folks at Dash Core Group have built an integration for our service. We are thrilled ­čÖé


Transfer amounts directly from the wallet

No need to sign up from the CrowdNode website. It’s easy and convenient.


Enables staking for you, me and everyone

Earn the rewards from the CrowdNode masternodes and as soon as you need your Dash, request and receive them directly on your phone.

Go to the download site here and download the native Dash Mobile Wallet.

Become part of a Dash Masternode

CrowdNode unites smaller investors to achieve rewards from Masternodes.

Why choose CrowdNode?

Become part of a Dash masternode

We have made it easy for everybody to gain rewards from deposits in Dash Masternodes. Fractional payments can be automatically reinvested.

Transparent corporate setup

CrowdNode is a Danish based company. We want to be transparant in what we do and provide an excellent service.

Secure and intelligent setup

Masternodes are held in cold wallets and we have developed highly secure mechanisms to keep all funds safe.

Masternodes (proof of collateral)

All in cold storage or non-custodial

Our key terms

  • 0.5 Dash deposit in order to become a member
  • Access to Masternode rewards, appx. 8 % p.a.
  • Fee of 15% of Masternode rewards
  • Withdrawal guaranteed within 14 days, typically within a few hours.